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List Of Features

  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Custom prefix text
  • Custom postfix text
  • Custom label
  • Custom animation
  • Customize counter position
  • Customize label position
  • Custom duration setting
  • Horizontal progress bar
  • Vertical progress bar
  • Styles Component for each element
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Block Variations
  • CSS Library


Dynamic Element Position

Dynamic Element Position gives you more control over the layout of your website. We’ve added several options for positioning the progress counter, progress info, and progress label.

Multiple Type and Animation

We’ve included options to create a Horizontal and Vertical progress bar. Also, you can apply Animation in different circumstances like onVisible and onLoad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the progress bar?

A progress bar is a graphical control element that shows the progress of a task. It is typically an extended computer operation used in various cases such as a download, file transfer, or installation.

Are progress bars real?

Progress bars can show real or fake progress. For example, a website might display a progress bar that shows the progress of a download, but the progress bar may not be accurate. This could be because the download speed is variable or the website is using a trick to make the progress bar appear to be moving faster.

How do I show the progress bar in WordPress?

The best way is to use a plugin. Many WordPress plugins allow you to add progress bars to your website. One popular plugin is called Post Grid Combo. This plugin offers a block called Progress Bar that is easy to use and allows you to add horizontal and vertical progress bars to your pages and posts.