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Create Powerful Post Grid Filters with Gutenberg, Customizable Post Grid Filters, SEO-Friendly Filterable Post Grids, Filter Post Grid by Category or Tags, Custom Filterable Grid and More.

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List Of Features

  • Multi/Group Filter
  • Sort Filter
  • Random Filter
  • Filter navs by post category or terms
  • Custom Filter
  • Advanced CSS for filter navs
  • Special types of pagination
  • Tons of premade layouts
  • Most advanced query
  • Customizable grid settings
  • Custom post layout
  • Lazyload feature
  • Styles component for each element
  • Option to import premade layouts
  • Customize imported layout
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Block Variations
  • CSS Library

Advance Filterable Navs

You can create filter navigation from post categories or custom taxonomies or input by custom text.

Multi Filter

We provided support for creating multi or group filters for navigation, Like you can set filter navigation for different groups, for example, you have a product archive page that has multiple product groups, so you can set groups for color or size and etc.


Post Grid filterable style grid has special types of pagination which work with filterable navigation, Like ajax pagination it will not reload the entire page, the next page’s items will instantly populate when clicking on pagination counters.

Grid Layout Presets

Post Gird Filterable Block is a master of creating advanced and complex grid layouts. We have provided ready layout presets for creating beautiful post grids without having strong CSS knowledge. You can set a custom number of columns with advanced width parameters and set the custom gap between column and row.

Custom Post layout

You can customize each and every post element as you want, We have added 12+ ready blocks for post elements like Post Title Blocks, Post Excerpt Blocks, Post Featured Image Blocks, Read More Blocks and etc. We have designed 500+ post layouts for our library, you can simply click to use them on the post grid.

Advance Query Arguments

We added support for WP_Query class to query posts, There are dropdown query arguments picker that lets you add any query arguments to query posts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Post Grid Filterable?

A post-grid filterable is a grid of posts that allows visitors to filter the posts by different criteria. This can be a great way to organize content and make it easier for visitors to find the information they seek.

A WordPress plugin called “Post Grid Combo” can help you to create a filterable grid easily. This plugin offers a “Filterable Grid” block to create advanced filters with many customizable options. Also, you can create multi-filters, custom filters with icons, advanced query filters with search features, etc.

Is post grid filterable free?

The “Post Grid Filterable” block by the Post Grid Combo plugin is free. In addition, it offers some advanced option settings that request a pro version.