Post Categories
Post category in WordPress is a way to organize your posts into different topics. With our Post Categories block, you can easily add Icons, Front Text, and separators. Also, it’s possible to customize the wrapper, set a max count, and add a prefix or postfix. Our CSS Library can help you quickly generate a beautiful design for the category.
List Of Features
  • CSS library for each element
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Add custom class
  • Set Max Count
  • Category post Count
  • Category Prefix
  • Category Postfix
  • Category Front Text
  • Custom Attributes on categories
  • Custom Icon
  • Customize Separator
  • Link Target option
  • Styles Component for each element
  • Custom Style option
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Custom Layout submission access to our CSS Library
Frequently Asked Questions
What are categories in posts?
Post categories refer to specific topics used to group and organize content on a website.
How many categories should a post have?
There’s no ideal number. The number of categories a post should have depends on the nature of the website and its content. However, assigning at most 2-3 categories per post is best. Having too many categories for a post can make navigating difficult for readers.
Should I use categories or tags?
Tags and categories on posts are used to help readers locate information in different ways. Categories are like the table of contents of a book, providing a high-level overview of the content, while tags are like the index, providing more detailed information about specific topics.
Why do we use categories?
We use categories to organize the content on a website, making it easier for readers to find and navigate the information they are looking for.