Flex Wrap
In WordPress, the ‘post author’ refers to the person who created or wrote the post. Our Post Author block lets you create any design layout that you could think of, and it’s relatively easy to change the order of your author elements. Also, our Styles component and CSS Library are available under every element, giving you full flexibility.
List Of Features
  • Premade layout variation
  • Customizable flex setting
  • Have a graphical flex option
  • Style component for flex item
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Style component for the flex container
  • Advanced CSS Pseudo Selector
  • Custom Style Option
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a post author in WordPress?
In WordPress, the post author refers to the person who created or wrote the post. WordPress allows multiple authors to contribute to a single website; each post can have a different author.
Can a WordPress author edit a page?
Unlike contributors, authors can also add files to their content and edit comments left on their posts. However, they cannot modify or delete posts by other users, or change site settings.
Can a WordPress post have multiple authors?
Yes, a WordPress post can have multiple authors. By default, WordPress allows only one author per post, which is the user who created the post. However, there are several ways to enable multiple authors to contribute to a post, depending on your needs.
How many authors can you have on WordPress?
By default, WordPress only allows one author per post. But depending on your website, you can have as many authors as you need.