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List Of Features

  • Styles Component support
  • Customizable Navigation
  • Customizable Pagination
  • Compatible for inner blocks
  • Flexible slider options
  • Responsive support
  • Font-Awesome icon support
  • Icon-Font support
  • Bootstrap-icons support
  • Lazy Load option
  • Pause On Hover
  • Keyboard Control
  • Various positions for Navigation
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Block Variations
  • CSS Library


Slider Options

We’ve included a maximum number of slider options to choose from. So far we’ve included 35 different options that you can use and customize it’s value.
These options are –
  • Auto play
  • Keyboard
  • Interval
  • Wheel
  • Pause On Hover
  • Direction
  • Lazy Load
  • Cover
  • Preload Pages
  • Rewind
  • Speed
  • Rewind Speed
  • Rewind By Drag
  • Width
  • Height
  • Fixed Width
  • Fixed Height
  • Height Ratio
  • Auto Width
  • Auto Height
  • Start
  • Per Page
  • Per Move
  • Focus
  • Gap
  • Padding
  • Arrows
  • Pagination
  • Pagination Keyboard
  • Pagination Direction
  • Drag
  • No Drag
  • Snap
  • Media Query

Custom Navigation Text

Our custom text option for navigation can help to create a more consistent and visually appealing slider navigation.

Custom Navigation Icon

Sometimes you might want to use Icon instead of Text for slider navigation. This is because Icons can help to improve the readability of your website, especially on smaller screens. We’ve included three different icon libraries Font AwesomeIconFont, and Bootstrap Icons, to choose from.

Custom Pagination Style

Slider pagination, helps a user to understand which slide they are currently viewing and how many slides there are in total. Under Pagination we’ve our Styles Component available to apply styles.

Custom Class

Custom classes are important to make your HTML design more modular, reusable, and maintainable. We’ve the option to put custom classes on our Content Slider Gutenberg block.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use sliders in websites?

Sliders can be used to highlight importnat information or announcements. They help visitors focus on what’s important and they can access the respective information when they want.

Do sliders affect SEO?

It depends how they are implemented. If used correctly, sliders can help to improve SEO. However, if used incorrectly it has a negative impact on SEO.
Here are some tips for using sliders that is beneficial for SEO:

  • Only use sliders if you have important content that you want to highlight.
  • Make sure that the sliders are relevant to the website’s content.
  • Optimize the text and images
  • Test the slider on different devices to make sure that it loads quickly and functions properly.
How to create a slider with Post Grid Combo plugin?

Post Grid Combo offers both the shortcode and Gutenberg block-based slider.
To create a shortcode-based slider –

  1. Install and activate the Post Grid Combo plugin.
  2. Create a new post grid.
  3. Configure your post grid view type to slider.
  4. Preview and publish your post grid.

And for the block-based slider –

  1. Install and activate the Post Grid Combo plugin.
  2. From the block inserter search for the block name ‘Content Slider’.
  3. Configure the slider options from the block settings.
  4. Preview and publish your post grid.