Author Fields
Our Author Fields block lets you pull data from a specific user field. You can easily get a user ID, Nickname, Email, URL, Display name, First name, Last name, Description, Avatar and many more. Also, it’s possible to pull data from a custom field and customize it with our variety of options and styles. With our advanced settings, you can easily change the wrapper tag, customize the icon or add a prefix or postfix.
Post Author by Post-Grid-Combo
List Of Features
  • CSS library for each element
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Custom prefix text
  • Custom postfix text
  • Post Author link target
  • Post Author link to custom URL
  • Author Avatar custom size
  • Ability to add a custom class
  • User registration date and time
  • Styles Component for each element
  • Custom Style option
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Custom Field for Author Data
  • Author ID
  • Custom Icon option
  • Font Awesome, Icon Font, Bootstrap Icons
  • Custom Layout submission access to our CSS Library
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a custom field in WordPress?
A custom field is a user-defined meta-data that can store additional information or values about a post, page or any other type of content. Custom fields allow developers and website owners to extend the functionality of WordPress by adding their own attributes and values to their content.
What are custom field types?
A custom field type is a format that is assigned to values that are stored in the field. This format determines how to interpret the data. Supported types can be divided into two categories: Simple and string types. Text, period, date, date and time, and integer are simple types. 
What is an example of custom field?
Examples of custom fields include data such as title, URL, name, and timestamp.
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