Author Fields
Our Author Fields block lets you pull data from a specific user field. You can easily get a user ID, Nickname, Email, URL, Display name, First name, Last name, Description, Avatar and many more. Also, it’s possible to pull data from a custom field and customize it with our variety of options and styles. With our advanced settings, you can easily change the wrapper tag, customize the icon or add a prefix or postfix.
List Of Features
  • CSS library for each element
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Custom prefix text
  • Custom postfix text
  • Post Author link target
  • Post Author link to custom URL
  • Author Avatar custom size
  • Ability to add a custom class
  • User registration date and time
  • Styles Component for each element
  • Custom Style option
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Custom Field for Author Data
  • Author ID
  • Custom Icon option
  • Font Awesome, Icon Font, Bootstrap Icons
  • Custom Layout submission access to our CSS Library
Frequently Asked Questions